Application deadline: 17:00 on 26/10/2018.

All applicants must be legally allowed to work in the UK.

About the Production Manager position

We are looking for a highly motivated and experienced production and supply chain manager. The ideal candidate will have a strong drive for improving the efficiency and output of production lines, reducing costs and hitting ambitious targets. They will be analytical and calculated in their methods towards measuring and maintaining production KPIs and will be creative in their approach to improving production processes.

The production requirements of Open Bionics are highly interesting and unique and provide the perfect playing field for an experienced production manager looking for a new and exciting challenge. Open Bionics produces bionic arms for amputees. Each arm is unique and has various custom made components. The production process uses 3D printing to manufacture one-off custom components as well as various off the shelf components and parts designed specifically for Open Bionics' products. At present we manufacture 4 products with a total of 12 core variants. The company has ambition to release 2 new products in 2019.

Duties will include facilitating the smooth running of all production lines, controlling the quality of output and ensuring that customer requirements are met. Medical compliance standards need to be met and appropriate processes and documentation need to be followed and recorded.

The successful candidate will be managing a team of 4+ staff with an expectation to grow the team multiple times over during the year following their employment. They will be responsible for recruitment and management of their team of production technicians and working with other team members such as the sales team, support team.

About the Company

We’re a Bristol-based bionics company developing affordable, assistive devices that enhance the human body. We've started by introducing the Hero Arm, a stylish multi-grip bionic hand. We're on a mission to make beautiful bionic limbs more accessible. Visit our website to find out more:

Open Bionics is a fast paced and dynamic startup with high expectations and highly talented staff. The working environment is very relaxed and collaborative. The culture is inclusive, encouraging, creative and social. The team plays mario kart, bananagrams and table football at lunchtime and after work every day and team members regularly socialise outside of work.

Open Bionics is an equal opportunities employer and we're proud of the diverse team we have.

Production Manager responsibilities are:

  • Design an efficient production process and layout of production equipment and processes.

  • Monitor and improve production processes.

  • Manage supply chain and order parts in time to meet production requirements.

  • Liaise with sales team to work out production goals and requirements.

  • Work with development team to improve product design for manufacture and resolve manufacturing issues.

  • Perform evaluation of costs and prepare budgets.

  • Cost-optimise product BoM and production methods.

  • Manage workflow to meet specifications and deadlines.

  • Oversee the production process and resolve issues.

  • Supervise and review performance of production personnel, including quality inspectors, production technicians and others.

  • Calculate amount of necessary resources, such as workforce, raw materials and so on.

  • Monitor maintenance work, purchasing of equipment etc.

  • Enforce the strict adherence to quality standards as well as health and safety precautions and medical compliance.

  • Prepare reports on your activities and production KPIs and present them to upper management.

Production Manager requirements are:

  • 5+ years' experience of working as a Production Manager or other similar position.

  • Significant experience in production management and reporting on key production metrics.

  • Excellent knowledge of quality standards and health and safety regulations.

  • Working knowledge of quality standards such as ISO9001 or ideally ISO13485.

  • Good knowledge of performance evaluation and budgeting concepts.

  • Strong decision-making, organizational and leaderships skills.

  • Strong communication skills with extremely high attention to detail.

  • Results-driven approach and good business-oriented thinking.

  • BSc or BA or BEng degree in business administration, manufacturing or other relevant area.

A Successful First Year Would Include:

  • Implement a 75% decrease in Hero Arm production time.
  • Increase production technician efficiency by at least 100%.
  • Reduce Hero Arm BoM/COGS by 25%.
  • Increase capacity of the production line by 1000%.
  • Implement methods for measuring quality and track over the year.
  • Recruit and train several production technicians.

This role will be extremely demanding and duties will be extensive. You should only apply to this role if you are highly competent and capable of delivering on the above. You will do well in this role if you are constantly striving to improve yourself and the production lines you are managing. You should be prepared to set and achieve lofty production goals in unrealistically short time-frames without compromising on quality.